Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) by Sarah J. Maas

What a goddamn shit-show. SARAH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. This series was my book 31450852bae until EOS. I’m so incredibly sad you guys. This series has turned into utter tripe and my poor heart may just burst from disappointment.

First off, this book was completely unnecessary. Chaol’s subsequent healing could have easily been explained in the next book WITHOUT having to be an entire book on its own. Chaol was easily my favorite character, even when he was a little baby whiner in QOS. And honestly, he wasn’t bad in this book either. But Gooooooooooodwhyyyyyy does Sarah feel the need to pair of literally every character? Why is every character god’s gift to man? Maybe I prefer my men without chiseled jaws and abs and brooding attitudes.


Like my last review of a Maas book, here’s my updated list of banned words. (I’m looking at YOU Sarah!)

  1. Mate
  2. Lover
  3. Rebirthed
  4. Anew
  5. Armed to the teeth (A phrase, I know damnit.)
  6. Male
  7. Female
  8. Broke

I’m sure there’s more but you get the idea.

Can we talk about the blatant Game of Thrones rip-offs??

The Khaganate? You mean the Dothraki right? Or calling Chaol the Hand of the King? That is literally not an official title anywhere other than GOT. The Khaganate have horse lords and value strength over all else. Hmmm…

giphy (4)

You know, this series has been getting progressively worse and I actually may have inadvertently made myself not like Sarah as a person either. Anyone else notice she’s dropped off the face of Twitter? She’s no longer following or speaking to any of her old author BFF’s like Susan Dennard. I’ve heard that they find her very toxic as a person and that Sarah doesn’t like criticism of her books. WELL HERE’S SOME HEALTHY CRITIQUES FOR YOU. TASTE THE RAINBOWWWWWW. IT’S DELICIOUS.
giphy (3)

Whoever edits these books needs to drop everything, pack a rucksack, and take a soul-searching journey back to the college they graduated from so they can give their professors a quick kick in the shins.

It’s so bad guys. So bad.

Can we also talk about Chaol and Irene? Their relationship is ew guys. Irene is a healer. She should have a strictly platonic relationship with her patient, but NOOOOOO. Chaol has to be all like, “she’s doing so much for me and putting herself through torture for me wah wah.” Ummm yeah, because she’s your doctor? That’s literally her job? Irene should lose her job on bedside manner alone.

Dis series doe.


2 cats.



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