Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Ya’ll I’m going into this review after a few months so be gentle. 28260587

Now, I’ve always had a problem with Sarah’s writing. It’s juvenile and very poorly edited. I’ve managed to make it this far without ripping my hair out every time I came across the word prick or the phrase “ruin myself” yet. YET. I have a degree in English and good story can only carry you through your shit writing so far and we are reaching our destination.

Choo choo.

Sarah can do no wrong though as far as most of her fans go. They eat up everything with her name on like it’s the finest wine or chocolate. I was that way, I’ll admit it. So naturally, when Empire of Storms was announced you bet your sweet bippy that I pre-ordered it.

giphy (1)

I inhaled it. At first. The longer I read the slower I went because it just turned into such tripe. Her other book that came out this year, ACOWAR, was just as bad. Honestly, she released the same damn book twice. Her books are like this progressive timeline of getting infinitely smuttier. NOT that smut is a bad thing, it’s just done so poorly and that is NOT what these books should be focusing on.










Can we talk about the stupid amount of romances this series has now?? Literally everyone ended up paired off and…


I think I just threw up a little.


What about my baby Dorian? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM SARAH? I 100% shipped him with Manon but it’s like someone whacked him upside the head in between Queen of Shadows and Empire of Storms and his personality flipped a 180. He’s a cocky SOB and I can’t stand him now. *Sadface*

Chaol. We’re not going to talk about him.

I want to grab Aelin by the shoulders and shake her until that brain I assume is in there falls out. Like, yeah, I understand that she’s not Celaena anymore, but she shouldn’t change that much at the flip of a hat. She’s secretive, rude, and apparently better than everyone now. Didn’t we go through the whole healing process in Heir of Fire? I was under the impression she had learned to trust the people around her and stop playing the damn martyr.

giphy (2)


I just can’t with this book. I just can’t with this series. I literally just can’t with this author. Consider me disillusioned.


3 cats out of 5.



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