Truthwitch by Susan Dennard (Witchlands #1)

Okay so here are my issues with this book. Honestly, I really wanted to like this book. But once again, hype was super high and 21414439delivery was fairly low. The premise of the story sounded really awesome and different, but what I got was a story I couldn’t understand and characters I couldn’t tell apart.

Seriously had to read the physical descriptions a few times and even then I still got confused. The author switches between characters with no line breaks or chapter breaks or really anything. That was so confusing. So confusing. One minute you are reading as Safi and the next thing you know, you’ve switched over to Iseult with no warning. And like I said, you can’t really tell them apart so this does not help.

The book really felt like it should be a second book, rather than the first in the series. Where are the background descriptions of this 20-year truce? There are many phrases and nations and lore that is just…. not explained. At all. I
need the juice man!

I’ve had this book since the day it came out and only managed to get about halfway through. Then I realized that almost literally, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. The girls get chased. Still being chased. Where’s the big conflict? What’s with the insta-love. I do not tolerate insta-love. Nope. Won’t do it.

DNF at 50%.

2 out of 5 cats.



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