The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

Ugh. This book guys. This book hurt my feels. All of them. The Winner’s Curse was goocrimed, but Crime was fantastic. We skipped great and moved right along to fantastic. I read this entire book in only two days. I’m kind of regretting it because now what? The book isn’t even technically out yet and I want the next one!

The writing alone is worth mentioning. A lot of authors try this choppy, waxed poetic-type prose and it just doesn’t always work for me. But this. This was beautiful. It took my breath away and I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time that happened. The metaphors hit just the right spot and fit seamlessly into the story. I found myself repeating some of them a few times because I liked the way they felt.

There were short scenes within each chapter and it really helped the tension and flow of the story. Kestrel and Arin kept coming SO close to meeting each other and learning the truths about themselves but it never happened!

Let’s talk about their scenes together. Oh gracious. They were amazeballs. I held my breath. My heart fluttered.


I fell in love with Kestrel and Arin. They had so many flaws in Curse but they grow so much in Crime that you can’t help but root for them both.

The minor characters get some time to shine too. We meet up with Ronan again. (Whom I may or may not have rooted for instead of Arin in book one…) Jess grows nerves of steel. Go Jess!

Prince Verex is actually an okay person! *gasp* Although I kind of knew this would happen, I was still charmed by him.


I really wish Ronan could have stuck around. I know he just played the love triangle part in Curse but I adored him so much. We only get a minor glimpse of him in this book, but when you see how far he’s fallen… I think I heard my heart break.

This series would be great for anyone who loves Throne of Glass. There are many, many similarities and I’m still asking myself if I’m okay with just how similar they are, but I would give this book all 5 stars and I will definitely be reading it again sometime. (And buying.)

5 out of 5 cats.


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  1. Loved your review and I laughed the gif. I loved this book as well. I’ve reviewed it as well, if you’re interested to see it.


    1. mskiliereads says:

      I’ll definitely take a look! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. mskiliereads says:

      Thank you! 🙂


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